woodleaf, summer staff // challenge, ca

What do you say about your time serving for a month at a Young Life camp? Life-changing doesn't even begin to describe the time I had at Woodleaf.

I was able to spend my month working in the camp store, selling shirts & other fun items to campers, staff, and the assign team. As summer staff, we were required as a group to help during all program events and help to make sure that campers were having the best week of their lives. We lived in community, slept in bunk beds, woke up early, danced way too much, forgot to shower, broke curfew (only once! Sorry, Daniel & Amy!) and loved more than we thought was possible. The late nights we spent in deep conversations & the early mornings spent in devotional will forever be seared in my brain. Being able to say, "you aren't alone" when listening to someone's testimony was the most powerful thing I've ever experienced. To feel loved and no judgment when sharing my own story, and being able to look my fellow female summer staffers in the face and tell them that they are worthy of love, regardless of their past- I will never be able to forget.

I went into this experience with zero expectations, and that made all the difference. These are a few photos to show off the amazing friends I made, the stories I was able to hear, and the certainty of knowing, without a doubt, that the God of the universe loves each and every one of us, and has given us the life we have for a very specific purpose.

To everyone who I had the privilege of serving with, thank you for being a part of my story now. Thank you for challenging me, for loving me, for accepting me. Thank you for exemplifying Christ's love.

Family on three! One, two three. Family!

If you're interested in learning more about Young Life, go to younglife.org ! Or contact me here to learn more about my experience.